WVI series

The World’s Highest Level Security
“Ultraprecision Watermark Engraving Technology”

Worry-Free Security Created by Unique Technology

WVI series are the technology of "engraving watermark" directly for face photos, signatures, logo mark…etc. on Plastic Cards or Special Synthetic Resin Paper (SSRP) by using ultraprecise engraving technology. SSRP has the same dimensions and thickness, but no unevenness as regular papers. Printings can be made on both engraved side and not engraved side. This enhances reliability of each certificate, and strengthen the security of cards or confidential documents etc.


Visual determination for authenticity of the image, speedily and accurately without using special devices or readers
Watermark engraved image is different from transfer image which is impossible to be reproduced by photocopies or printings
Secure excellent durability

Fundamental Principle of Forgery Prevention

Installation Destination
Governmental agency / Public Institution

Products & Services

Supporting Security Solutions
by Visual Confirmation.

Manufacture, Sales and Maintenance Services of Engraving Machine.

Images engraved by WVI series are expressed clearly and smoothly with the same level of resolution as printing images. Different from watermark created by usual papermaking technology, each engraving can have different watermark. We prevent fraudulent use by adopting user authentication at engraving time and maintain high level of security by limited sales only to governments and public agencies. Maintenance and follow-up service is also available.

Entrustment Service for Forgery Prevention Processing

We supply anti-falsification processed ID cards or various types of certificates according to the needs of clients. Clients can order required quantities with required processing to meet their needs.

Manufacture and Sale of Cards and SSRP

Our Plastic Cards and SSRP can be engraved as clients request. The existing security features can be also applied on the same media.
Plastic Card
IC Chips, magnetic tape, barcodes, hologram, embossing, hidden characters, and marks…etc., can be embedded. Thus, security can be enhanced significantly by using watermark engraving together with existing card specifications such as magnetic cards, IC cards (contact/contactless type), or biometric card.

Identification card(Public authorities, Government organization issued), Credit Card, VIP Card, Employee card, Student ID, Commemorative card, Driver's license, Cash Card, Pass Card(Checked at entering room, through gate way)(Combination use with employee ID card), Membership card, etc.
Special Synthetic Resin Paper
Security of official documents can be significantly enhanced by using SSRP together with existing security printing such as UV printing, rainbow printing, or detailed printing by lathe or moiré.

Passport, Diploma, Certificates of appraisal, Official documents, Cash voucher, Gate Pass, Various qualification certificates, Certificates, Admission tickets, Gift token, etc.

Committing to Outstanding

The ultraprecise watermark engraving
provides the world-class security
1.Great utility for Multi-Media of engraving objects
WVISS can engrave images on various media, such as Plastic Card, Passport and Special Synthetic Resin Paper (S.S.R.P)
2.Easy Media Setting & operation
Easy setting of media with vacuum suction system.
3.Enhanced efficiency for work
Newly-developed software has succeeded to minimize the operation process before starting engraving.
4.Frequency of maintenance is drastically reduced.
Adopting our longstanding know-how of engravings and designing to reduce frequency for maintenance.
5.Recognition time to replace stylus easily.
Users can watch abrasion loss by measuring height of stylus.

Lineup of each Series


WVI-777 / WVI-888

WVI-777 and WVI-888 are manual operation model engraving machine equipped with an ultraprecision engraving engine and space-saving function. Mounting and dismounting of media are done manually.
It is adaptable to various types of media such as Plastic Card, passport, and special synthetic resin paper (SSRP), which can cover the size up to A4.
WVI-777 has box model design with a different two-toned, metallic painting.
WVI-888 has both box and stripe model designs, each of which has 3 kinds of two-toned, metallic painting.





WVI-999 series

WVI-999 is full automatic engraver, which taking out preset media one by one, turn them out after engraving.
It is significantly effective to engrave large quantities of media.
The design is based on stripe type with 3 different two-toned, metallic painting.
WVI-999V is for special synthetic resin paper, up to A4 size, WVI-999X is for cards, WVI-999P is for passports.






For security reasons, machine photos are undisclosed.