World Venture Corporation (the “company”) establishes and complies with privacy policy as follows, and treats personal information appropriately pursuant to the Act on the Protection of Personal information.
The Company recognizes appropriate protection of personal information as obvious social responsibility, and complies with the Act on the Protection of personal information, the relevant laws and regulations.
Article 1(Personal Information)
Personal Information means “individual information” under Act on the Protection of Personal Information. This information is about a living individual which can identify the specific individual by name, date of birth, address, telephone number, and contact information.

Article 2(Management of Personal Information)
The Company will appropriately manage with a necessary security measure so that fraudulence, leakage, loss, impropriety, or the like, regarding personal information may not occur. In addition, we will conduct trainings and appropriate supervisions for employees about handling of personal information.
The company will endeavor to secure and protect handling of the Personal Information sincerely.

Article 3(The purpose of using Personal Information)
The Company acquires and processes Personal Data for the following purposes:
・For sending the information of our business, and to correspond the inquiry by guests.
・Sending e-mail and materials. 

Article 4 (Prohibition of Provision for Personal Information to Third Party)
The Company will manage Personal Information appropriately and not provide it to third party except below cases.
・With the consent of individual concerned.
・The Company may disclose Personal Data to our entrusted partner company
for the accomplishment of the purposes of use by guests.
・ When disclosure is necessary in accordance with the law  

Article 5 (Review the Privacy Policy with a change of laws and regulations)
The company will review this Privacy Policy with a change of laws and regulations accordingly, and improve it continuously.

Article 6 (Cookies Policy)
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You agree our cookies policy in case of browsing website continuously.
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We do not use cookies to track you individually, or collecting personal information.
We use cookies for a variety of reasons detailed below for customer’s improvement of use and maintaining good quality.

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