Micro-Bubble Generation System "NanomizeClear”

Vitalizing & activating water environment

Scenes and effects for practical use of NanomizeClear


It is possible for Nanomizeclear to realize wide

natural water area clean up due to natural theory,
by increasing oxygen in the river and the ocean.

Purification for sea, rivers and lakes

NanomizeClear activates waters by splashing out micro bubble, increasing DO in the water, and significantly decreasing COD, BOD, SS, NH4, NO3, T-N, T-P and ORP for wide area of waters. As the result, Blue-green microbes will be dissolved and purified.
Electrification on micro bubble surface contributes to resolve and purify sludge without using additives and any harm against water environment, including plants and animals.
Rock weed "AOSA" started to grow
After AOSA grows, the river has been restored by NanomizeClear
The sea bottom sludge disappeared and seaweeds germinated, and shell observed out of the sludge

"NanomizeClear" Purify Polluted Water Environment in many aspects


5 features of NanomizeClear

restores the natural purification ability by water vitalization.
2.Increase oxygen, dissolved in the water
helps the indigenous microbe to be resolved.
3.No damage for ecosystem
Not destroy the environment of water without drugs
4.Various usage in many aspects
For Lagoons, Lakes, Swamps, River etc.
5.Low cost operation
Less cost operation and smaller size compared with conventional systems make the environment of water restore more.