AQUAEIN Water Activating System

Activates revived power of natural true water

Main features of Water Activation Device AQUAEIN

Passing water through the unique bio reactive ceramics loosen the molecular bond and cause a chemical reaction, which reduced the surface tension, viscosity and specific heat, thus increase the vitality of water.
Harmful substances such as Trihalomethanes can be dissolved and decomposed simply by changing the redox potential without using any energy or chemicals. In addition, the rust generated in the piping is peeled off and removed to prevent reattachment.
Compared to tap water, AQUAEIN-activated water boiled and frozen faster, enhance energy saving effect. Besides, delicious drinking water helps promoting metabolism and keeps the freshness of vegetables, fish, meat, etc., making an ideal safe and secure life.
Difference in water purifier
General water purifier :removing an unnecessary material melting in water

AQUAEIN Water Activating System:Breaking up groups of water molecules
for causing a chemical reaction and increasing
solvent power, detergency, penetration

Make use of water activating power of AQUAEIN
for various scenes in social activities

Public facilities/Hospitals/Supermarkets
Public facilities
Dissolve and disintegrate carcinogenic substance
AQUAEIN dissolves and disintegrates the toxic substances such as trihalomethanes.
The introduction to the education facilities and welfare institutions such as schools or school meal centers where safety is pursued particularly.
Maintenance of freshness for perishables
The freshness of such vegetables and meat is maintained well and sashimi
could be sold even the next day. You can drink as drinking water deliciously, and flavors of cooking ingredients such as side dishes increase more.
Making the original taste of ingredients for dishes delicious
In restaurants, AQUAEIN has an effect of activator changing the taste of food
and drink more delicious. In addition, the oil of the grease trap breaks down AQUAEIN and reduces a cleaning burden.

“Activated water” is AQUAEIN

A water turns out to have a power for our active life.
AQUAEIN changes nature with active life, and easy for persons.
(Social activities in daily life and nature.)
High detergency with low fuel consumption
A warm water is effective as 50 degrees Celsius with activated water of 30 degrees Celsius and less detergents are required for the water activated by AQUAEIN, which has detergency, solvent and sterilization power, lead to reduce the expense, and its finish of the cleaning is improved as well.
Sports club
Supplying safe and clean, large quantities of water
AQUAEIN can supply safe and large quantities of water, because it does not spoil the quality and can make activated water. AQUAEIN is also widely accepted in facilities using large quantities of water.
Agricultural industry
For the growth stimulation and life lengthening of vegetables
AQUAEIN has a penetration function to improve the metabolism efficiency and promoting growth of the plant, and shows the function by rice growing and water culture particularly. In the cultivation of the flower, it is effective in giving the freshness of the color, and life lengthening of the flower.
Introduction results
Nagaoka Chuo General Hospital / The University of Tokyo Faculty of Engineering / Niigata Sonoki Municipal House / Myoujin no Yu Onsen / Oimachi Park House / Parkhouse Yokohama Katakura / City Tower Niigata / Viewpark Shimofusa Nakayama / Grand Hills Tokyo East / Nissho Iwai Mejirodai Apartment / Sunshine Aoyama / Grand Hills Nishikasai etc.

Efficacy of activated water through AQUAEIN

Energy saving, prevention of erosion, anti-bacterial,
Eco-friendly with a Water Activating System
The water which surface tension lowered promote energy metabolism, and boiling, absorption, evaporation is quick as characteristics. In addition, many effects are got by activation with AQUAEIN.
Increasing thermal efficiency
Fuel consumption saving
(Energy saving effect)
Rising water molecule adsorption and resolving power between materials
Surface-active with antirust effects
(washing, purification action)
Increasing Dissolved Oxygen (D.O.) *1
Growth promotion of plant and preservation of fish freshness
Inhibition proliferation of putrefactive bacteria
Preservative efficacy
Increasing hydrolysis
Stronger ability to solve oil and such substances in water
(increasing in cleansing power and reduction of environmental / drainage load)
Chlorine preservation *2
Anti-bacterial effects (preventing growth of bacteria)
*1 Dissolved Oxygen : Volume of oxygen in water
*2 The anti-bacterial and disinfecting effects of chlorine are preserved, which is different from water purifiers.

Fundamentals of the rust improvement
It is important to change oxidation mechanism to prevent rust, which is caused by the metal oxidation phenomenon. The AQUAEIN water changes in oxidation-reduction potential and prevents rust. Existing rust is removed and prevent of rust residue in water.
The AQUAEIN where various effects were demonstrated changed a world standard of the water.
Thermal property of the water
The specific heat of the normal water was said to be around 4.2kj/kgk, but as a result of detail test at Japanese University for AQUAEIN water knew that it was 3.2kj/kgk. From this, it was recognized that energy efficiency such as a boiler or the air-conditioning improved markedly.(Specific heat of AQUAEIN water 3.2kj / normal water 4.2kj x 100 : 76.19) Therefore more than 20% energy efficiency improvement by using AQUAEIN will be expected.