Message from the President

 World Venture Corporation provides the world’s highest level of security watermark engraving machines and special synthetic resin paper, with the affiliated company, World Mission Corporation, making a significant contributing to the global security.
In this global society, people use IC cards in various scenes. It made our lives convenient at the same time, counterfeit cards had become more sophisticated. Criminal involved forged ID cards and passports, defrauded by compromised confidential information has become an issue in the modern society.

 This problem is in an enlarging scale which threaten the foundation of network society under the improvement of data processing technology.

 In order to solve the above problem, World Venture Corporation has been making a research and development for a long time. We provide the world’s highest level of security watermark engraving machines “WVI-888”. The major feature of this new machine is enhancing the security of cards or confidential documents, prevent forgery.

 In addition, World Venture's watermark enable visual determination for authenticity of an image engraving easily by visual check, speedily and accurately without using special device or readers.

 Our technology accommodates strict governance system request from government agency of countries over the world, with a high manufacture quality which are well-known for their reliability and continue to improving it.

 Furthermore, we developed the global environment business as our second pillar.

 It is essential to maintain the ecosystem by purify the water such as sea, river, lake and variety water areas in the environment. We offer innovative technology equipment named “Nanomize Clear”. Purifying waste water using water is a non-polluting system which contribute to the global environment.
Moreover, as drinking water is the most important thing to lives, we developed a water activation apparatus which changed the world’s standard of water, named “AQUAEIN”. This water activation apparatus renews the aquatic environment of buildings from household to corporation, promote a safe and secure use of active water.

 On the other hand, we have started the technical consulting of planting business as planting is also closely affected by water.

 Through research and development on the advanced technology, we strive for the possibility of technology, make a contribution to the improvement of global environmental for the next generation. World Venture Corporation
CEO Yuichi Hoshiyama